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Research Associate, Molecular Biology

Boston, MA
Ascidian Biotherapeutics is a biotech startup that uses a unique molecular technology to unlock gene therapy.  Gene therapy is entering a new era, as the scientific community continuously pushes the field forward. But current technologies cannot overcome the challenges of many diseases. Ascidian’s unique approach aims to unlock these doors and in doing so, enable treatment for millions of patients worldwide. Ascidian is located in Boston within the brand new SmartLabs facility at 40 Guest St. in Boston, MA.

We are seeking a Research Associate who will:
  • Become a critical part of our gene therapy discovery workflow
  • Design and clone complex DNA libraries for high throughput target screening
  • Enrich your experience by assisting as needed in NGS library prep and AAV production
  • Help establish protocols and research capabilities at the new lab space
  • Help to create an entrepreneurial and creative culture that will deliver transformational therapies to patients
  • Balance quality and speed, working closely with other scientists to advance projects
  • Perform independent data analysis and electronic notebook record keeping
  • Support the creation and expansion of the company’s intellectual property
General Requirements:
  • BS or MS in Biology, Biochemistry, or a related discipline with 1-5 years laboratory research experience
  • Strong expertise in the following molecular biology techniques:
    • PCR, gel electrophoresis, gel imaging
    • Molecular cloning (e.g., traditional, Golden Gate, Gibson, etc.)
    • Bacterial transformation, culture, plating
    • Nucleic acid preparation (DNA, RNA)
    • qPCR
  • Sequence design and analysis software skills, such as Benchling
  • Passion for working at the bench to advance programs and solve technical challenges
  • Self-motivation and adaptability to evolving project priorities and responsibilities
  • Effective communication and organizational skills
  • Team-oriented, with a strong work ethic
Additional skills/experience beneficial, but not required:
  • Biotechnology industry experience
  • Cell culture experience
  • Virus production experience (especially AAV)
If you feel energized by what you read here, but aren’t sure you meet every requirement, please consider applying! We believe diverse backgrounds lead to innovative thinking that enables effective treatment for millions of patients. Above all, we’re looking for the right person with skills and talent to grow the company together all while enriching your professional and scientific experience.
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