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Research Associate, AAV Production/Purification

Boston, MA
Ascidian Biotherapeutics is a biotech startup that uses a unique molecular technology to unlock gene therapy.  Gene therapy is entering a new era, as the scientific community continuously pushes the field forward. But current technologies cannot overcome the challenges of many diseases. Ascidian’s unique approach aims to unlock these doors and in doing so, enable treatment for millions of patients worldwide. Ascidian is located in Boston within the brand new SmartLabs facility at 40 Guest St. in Boston, MA.

We are seeking a Research Associate who will:
  • Maintain cultured cell lines
  • Assist in AAV production and quantification
  • Perform transfections and transductions to evaluate novel libraries
  • Assist in lab organization, including ordering supplies and restocking
  • Follow lab protocols and safety rules
  • BS or MS in biology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, or related fields
  • 2+ years hands-on wet lab experience
  • Experienced in virus (preferably AAV) production, purification, titration, and transduction
  • Highly skilled at cell culture:
    • maintenance
    • transfection
  • Experienced in standard Molecular biology techniques, such as PCR, gel electrophoresis and imaging and cloning
  • Ability to conduct advanced protocols and procedures precisely and consistently
  • Ability to document and maintain an organized account of lab work and results
Additional skills/experience beneficial, but not required:
  • Skilled in the following Molecular biology methods:
    • Standard and Gibson Cloning: bacterial transformation, culture, plating, and plasmid purification
    • qPCR
    • Western blot
    • Elisa
    • FACS
  • Knowledge of oligo/primer/probe/gBlock design strategies
  • Sequence design and analysis software skills, such as Benchling and BLAST
If you feel energized by what you read here, but aren’t sure you meet every requirement, please consider applying! We believe diverse backgrounds lead to innovative thinking that enables effective treatment for millions of patients. Above all, we’re looking for the right person with skills and talent to grow the company together all while enriching your professional and scientific experience.
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